Living the Dream: Putting your creativity to work (and getting paid)

Living the Dream is a business book for creative people. It provides the insights and action steps they need to confidently put their skills and passions to work, to make the best business decisions possible, all in service of the ultimate goal--to make a living doing what they love.This inter-disciplinary,

Little Girl’s Room 2 – top girls game

Little Girl, her room is dirty ! help her to clean her room! Cleaning your room will greatly represent your self to others. What will other think if they found your room messy, they will think you are not organized to deal with. In this game you are going to help

Bottle Flip!

Let the bottle flip from one table to the next! Do it as many times in a row as you can! Just touch and hold the screen to charge and release to let the bottle flip. Try not to fall down! Collect gems to unlock different bottles. What's your best score? By Ketchapp Download from

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This book explores the idea of dual personality of jekyll that led him to his experiments, and his inexorable and finally fatal descent into evil. By Robert Louis Stevenson Download from Itunes

Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII

From PBS - In 1942 a secret U.S. military program was launched to recruit women to the war effort. But unlike the efforts to recruit Rosie the Riveter to the factory, this clandestine search targeted female mathematicians who would become human 'computers' for the U.S. Army. From the bombing

The Motivation Mastery Audio Series: Top Success Interviews with the World’s Best Motivational Speakers: Made for Success

The Motivation Mastery Audio Series is a collection of success interviews led by master storyteller Chris Widener. Hear from the world's top motivational speakers including Brian Tracy and Dr. Denis Waitley. Chris explores the hidden keys to professional excellence in his conversations with the most successful speakers on the planet.