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How to Flirt with Women: A Seduction Guide to Attract Beautifull Girls with Your Personality. How to Sustain a Captivating Conversation and Create a Deep Connection with Her. (Step-By-Step Exercises) (Unabridged)

Learn how to attract women with your personality.Improve your conversation skills, create deep connection with her, and let her feel the natural attraction.You may never ever need to chase a woman again with this awesome dating bible that tells you almost everything you need to know to impress a woman

Surviving the Extremes: A Doctor’s Journey to the Limits of Human Endurance

Physiological constraints confine our bodies to less than one-fifth of the earth's surface. Beyond that fraction lie the extremes. What happens when we go to them?Dr. Kenneth Kamler has spent years observing exactly what happens. A vice president of the legendary Explorers Club, he has climbed, dived, sledded, floated, and

Top of the Rock: Inside the Rise and Fall of Must See TV (Unabridged)

Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, ER, Cheers, Law & Order, Will & Grace…Here is the funny, splashy, irresistible insiders’ account of the greatest era in television history -- told by the actors, writers, directors, producers, and the network executives who made it happen…and watched it all fall apart.Warren Littlefield was the NBC

The Easy Way to Become Stress Free with Hypnosis

Let go of tension and negative thoughts and emotions with the help of this download. Benjamin Bonetti is one of the world's best-selling hypnotherapists. His advanced hypnotic technique sends positive messages to your subconscious so you can accomplish your goals. Powerful affirmations and visualisations encourage change to happen naturally. Through