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Welcome to Ryan’s World!

Come along with Ryan, the seven-year-old YouTube mega-star from Ryan ToysReview, in this Level 1 Ready-to-Read! Join Ryan on a tour of Ryan’s World, a place filled with all his favorite things. In Ryan’s World, you can play sports, eat pizza, and pretend to be a superhero. You can even

Facing Terror

They were willing to pay the ultimate price to help the people they'd come to love.March 15, 2004?Carrie McDonnall and her husband, David, had just spent the day surveying refugee camps. They were in a hurry to reach the safety of their home before nightfall. Suddenly, the crowded street they

Darn Wood Chuck

Dear Reader: This is a pilot of the planned science fiction/thriller series The Chronicles of Rudolph and Donner. I wrote several instalments of the series that are as of yet unpublished. This is the most recent. If Darn Wood Chuck is successful it will become the first of its line

Paid Tax Preparers, Used Car Dealers, Refund Anticipation Loans, And the Earned Income Tax Credit: The Need to Regulate Tax Return Preparers and Provide More Free Alternatives.

INTRODUCTION In 2004, almost 60 percent of all taxpayers used paid preparers to complete their tax returns, (1) which means tens of millions of taxpayers paid to determine their tax liability. (2) The percentage of taxpayers using paid preparers increased to about 73 percent for taxpayers claiming the Earned Income

Content to Commerce

Master the publishing and entertainment world's tools and techniques for content marketing success Over the last decade the convergence of media and technology has turned the marketing world on its head. In order for brands to succeed in today's socially connected world, they must think like publishers and act like

Watching Competition

Think you know your top competitors and their potential impact on your organization? Think again. Here, you will pick up sophisticated tools (some of which are based on government-intelligence models) and easy-to-apply instruction to vet out unexpected threats and hidden opportunities that will ultimately ward off challenges before they occur

Meet Ryan!

Meet Ryan, the seven-year-old YouTube mega-star from Ryan ToysReview, in this 8x8 storybook that’s perfect for his millions of fans! This story is filled with fun facts about Ryan’s videos, family, and hobbies!This is Ryan! You probably know him from his YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview. But do you know what

Acquiring New Knowledge

Don’t let the seemingly dull title deceive you; the powerful lessons here will show you why past desires to effect change haven’t worked and provide you with the secret that will drastically improve your ability to achieve results you have only imagined. By David Goldsmith Download from Itunes

Establishing Alliances

Toss out your preconceived ideas about traditional “partnerships” and replace them with six powerful options that are sure to deliver above-and-beyond opportunities. Not only will you take away alliance pillars and alliance killers to produce win-win outcomes, but you will understand how to select the best alliances to help your